Unzens is a new helpfull tool from our Programmer Frank M. It was made to remove the matrix zensors from special pictures. It makes
this kind of zensors

to that :).
Usage: First you need a Programm that can cut out brushes of an picture and save it to a ppm file. PerfectPaint or PersonalPaint would be a good choise. (Perfectpaint only can save 24 bit brushes in ppm and if you use Personal Paint you have to switch off the "automaticly" button in the ppm Prefs.) Please notice that other Programms maybe save the wrong PPM format. Ok cut out the zensored area exactly! Save the brush in ppm format In our case brush.ppm, then run unzens like this: "unzens pic brush.ppm" Now unzens save the unzensored version as brush.ppm.out, load that in your paint programm as a brush and place it over the censored area...thats all:)
Notice: Normally the matrix censor got 8x8 large blocks.. but in some cases they use 16x16 or 4x4. when they use 4x4 simply run unzens like this: "unzens pic brush.ppm dim 4" or dim 16 with 16x16 ..and so on.