Here you can find near anything about Manga@Amiga


Varidiam is a Gunbuster game with where you kill your enemys with big bad weapons:)
Rating 4 of 6 Points

Klondike1 Klondike2 Klondike3 Klondike4
Klondike Deluxe is the ultimative Cardgame with many mangacards for the amiga.
Rating: 6 of 6 Points (!!!)

Gunbee-F99 Vertical shoot em up
Rating: 2 of 6 Points

Realm of Sendai Is a simple roleplaygame with big levels..
Rating: 5 of 6 Points

Legends of Triten is a great roleplaygame from our old Programmer.
Rating: 5 of 6 Points

Amibee Another small shootemup
Rating: 3 of 6 Points

Blade RPGDemo1 RPGDemo2
Some Zelda like games von various programmers.
Virtuall Ball Fighters
VBF is a great think game with 3d gfx!
Rating 6 of 6 Points

Bubble Heroes Demo
Little but verry cute manga think game
Rating 5 of 6 Points